Customer Retention – Hang in There!

You want them coming back, you know you do, but HOW?

Ah, that elusive returning customer. So, you got them to buy from you once, and they were happy (you know this because there were no complaints, right?) but you want them to buy again from you…

Ensure that your customers feel they are part of your business by taking their feedback seriously.

Well, no fear, there are some pretty simple things to do, to improve customer retention, so let’s get to it:

  1. One of the most basic customer retention strategies is meeting customer expectations; don’t oversell, don’t promise more than you can deliver. Keep it real and honest. Case studies work well here as they speak for you and clearly show how you either solved a problem or rectified an issue. Remember, customers can either be a brand advocate and sing your praises from the rooftops, or sabotage you if they have had a negative experience.
  2. If there is an issue, respond quickly, don’t let the problem have time to brew. By efficiently resolving a problem a dissatisfied customer can actually become a loyal, repeat customer. Even if you can’t resolve it, a timeous response to a problem shows the customer that you care. It’s all about maintaining your reputation.
  3. Motivate customers to return by introducing a loyalty program. If customers feel that they have something to gain by using your services or buying your product, chances are they’ll keep coming back. For example, offer a discount on their 5th purchase, or a free cup of coffee on their tenth cup etc.
  4. Ask them to subscribe to your newsletter. The donkeywork is taken out of the task of contacting all your customers at once by using email automation. Newsletters are an ideal platform to send targeted info to your customer base. Customers are encouraged to engage more with your brand and feel that you are catering for their interests and buying profiles.
  5. Customer feedback is a great way to better understand their needs and what exactly their expectations are. Nothing vague here! The most common method is by an online survey with strategically crafted questions, or you can invite customers to partake in user testing and focus groups. Expect some negative feedback and be open to criticism, that’s the only way you can improve your service and build your customer retention!
  6. Social media is another way to engage with your customers. Never miss an opportunity to connect. Include social buttons on your checkout page, on your contact page and even in your emails. Improve your customer retention rates by showcasing new products, deals, and other updates that will whet the customers’ appetite for you brand. Encourage engagement, it’s all about developing relationships for successful customer retention.
  7. How well do you understand the various steps that your customers go through while interacting with your company? Assess the Customer Journey and see where you can reduce the operational and communication shortfalls. This is where you can improve any overly complicated interactions that customers experience across their journey and optimise processes. Customers generally have little tolerance for convoluted interactions! They would rather go elsewhere, where the journey is easier.

Customer retention has many areas where improvements can be made and the experience of dealing with your brand made memorable. Bear in mind that as long as you are considering customers, they will be happy to purchase from you every chance they get and keep coming back for more.



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