The customer is committed to buy online or instore. Will their shopping and payment experience be user-friendly, simple and easy. Are you geared to conclude the sale?

Purchase in Retail Advertising

Turning Browsers into Buyers

So, what makes a potential customer become a paying customer? There are a number of aspects that push a potential customer into committing to the purchase, to pressing that ENTER key online or swiping their card in-store. This is such a tentative phase of the Customer Journey, that one daren’t breathe, in case you startle and scare off the shy buyer-to-be. But there are a few pointers that could change all of that and here

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Social Media, your tame snitch

Social media is the snitch in the room, telling you stuff about other people—your audience—feeding you juicy insights about your relationship with them and how they really view you —

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Products online, no jacket required

There you have it: convenience, ease of access, no jacket required. Having products online is super convenient for both shopper and retailer. Online products allow the customer to browse, compare prices,

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