Nudging them over the line during the consideration stage…

It is during the consideration stage of the Customer Journey where you offer the prospective buyer information that presents your product or service as a viable resolution to their quandary.

The primary objective during the consideration phase is to present content that nudges the potential buyer to consider your product or service as a possible solution to their decision problem. It is here that you create a shortlist of choices, with your offering/s hopefully at the top…

This is time to build trust with your target audience. Prospective clients don’t just want to buy something, they want to know that their investment in your offering is going towards a brand that they trust. By creating content that presents your brand as trustworthy will assist in converting mere leads, to paying customers.

Content centred around the consideration stage will get them over the line…

When they are considering your product, the target audience is still in the educational and informative phase and isn’t keen on being bombarded with promotional content. They have done their research, remember?

In this stage they are simply investigating their options, looking for as much information as possible to settle on the most intelligent, and well thought out choice. Any promotional content can drive them away. It is now that you have the ‘elevator pitch’ – the time for promoting is past; this is when you have to make your products or services appear to be a credible and trustworthy purchase.

Providing the correct content helps to guide these buyers in their decisions. You can provide this content through various channels, including offering video content on products or services. These are really effective to not only create a visual impact, but a video also tells a story in a way that an article or blog won’t. Videos are not only content-dense but offer more engagement and conversions — and they are longer in duration than a graphic or a quick read. Besides, you can go back and re-engage, ‘rewind’ and ‘fast-forward’ content at will. 

Content centred around the considerGet onto their shortlist of Get onto their shortlist of resolution options by having all the answers to unasked questions… 

A trick that pushes prospective buyers who are still at the consideration stage over the finish line, is something as simple as a cost calculator. Generally, marketing a product or service comes down to affordability. So, develop a cost calculator where prospective customers can compare the cost of each option —along with a clear indication of what they will save when they buy your product or service!

Something that always draws attention are original research, reports and surveys. By having these available you can establish your brand as an industry leader. 

Also, gaining popularity almost daily, are podcasts and webinars, and for a good reason. This content is rich with visual and audio engagement in a real-time setting. The content developed from this format is more informative than other forms of content, while still holding the buyer’s attention.

In the consideration stage of the Customer Journey, you need to offer answers before the questions are asked, equipping the customer with enough information and the confidence to move happily to your check out. 



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