Customer Consideration and Conversion

So, it’s the consideration stage of the Customer Journey and the customer is hovering, staring with interest at your product… How pushy should you be to nudge them over into the conversion stage?

First to consider is that rarely is the Customer Journey linear. Wouldn’t that be wonderful if it was, no anticipation, just pure predictability as they take the shortest route through the sales funnel. Doesn’t work that way, sorry.

While the consideration stage often takes time, and potential shoppers may visit numerous digital platforms while conducting research, the best platform on which to engage is the one they are already on!

Would you like to shop with you?

The consideration stage is the pivotal period when it’s key to engage your customers with appropriate, focused marketing messages without seeming to be pushy or ‘in-your-face’, because customers generally baulk when they are overwhelmed.

The upside is, when shoppers are at the consideration stage, you have their full attention — so use it to your advantage! Take this opportunity to provide them with an unforgettable customer experience. This entails offering them content and engagement that addresses any queries and makes them feel valued.

During this phase they will typically research options; they may watch videos, read reviews, blog posts and enter chat channels to ask pertinent questions. Alternatively, they may actually pop into your store to get answers up-close-and-personal.

When shoppers are at the consideration stage, you have their full attention… use it to mutual benefit!

Whether in person or online, engaging one-on-one gives you a chance to gain personal insights into what floats your customer’s boat, which products or services they are most interested in, as well as what their queries and/or concerns are around those products.

During the consideration phase, you must remember that this is the stage of the Customer Journey where the customers are assessing what it’s going to be like doing business with you.

Online, while these assessments may include a number of things, the more obvious ones are:

  • How easy is your shopping cart to use?
  • Have you clearly demarcated and drawn attention to your returns policy?
  • What will the bill be for shipping?

In person, these assessments may include a number of similar things:

  • How easy is your store to navigate?
  • How clear is your signage?
  • Have you clearly demarcated and drawn attention to your returns policy?

Then there is the emotional side of consideration…

  • When they interact with you, do your customers feel heard and respected?
  • How friendly and professional is the person answering the chat messages or in-person queries?
  • Do you think interacting with you and shopping with you is a pleasant experience? Be honest! Would you like to shop with you?

While the consideration stage is no way a guarantee that the customer is going to buy, what it does mean is that they are a step closer to making a decision.

Now it’s up to you to draw them in without overwhelming them, and you can only do that successfully if you have heard them and paid attention to their concerns.

Have you?



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