Consideration, time for pain alleviation therapy…

Okay, so now the customer has moved past the awareness phase in the customer’s journey and has identified and evaluated their choices to establish where it is, they’ll be most satisfied doing business. They engage in non-linear research, across a cycle of discoveries, customer reviews, comparisons, considerations, and even abrupt changes of direction; all to inform themselves about what’s out there with competing brands, through multiple channels. Simply put, they have narrowed down their choices, but they are still going to search for more information.

Consideration normally comes after extensive web surfing, search engine enlisting and even praying. Eventually, there comes a time when they stop and think: “Hmm… what’s this?”  

This stage of the journey can be endlessly prolonged however, if what they are searching for is not found and the solutions offered are not convincing. This can be a case of a “very definite, maybe”. Tread carefully.

It all depends on when a potential buyer reveals their pain point, and when they see your brand as one of the possible answers to their pain. While the customer journey allows for and encourages freedom of choice, it is not without being speckled with a fair proportion of persuasion along the way. Think of it rather as pain alleviation therapy…

This phase is about continually keeping people engaged during this process. A conversation enables you to immediately figure out information about the potential customer, who they are, what they’re looking for. Did you know research in the US shows that 65% of consumers spend 16+ minutes comparison shopping before making a purchase? In essence, that means if you don’t answer their needs when required, they’ll buy from whichever competitor delivers that information first.

During the consideration stage, most potential buyers will request more information by entering their details through one of your forms, calling the number on your website, or participating on your social media channels. This phase of the customer journey is vital, because it’s now that you have their full and undivided attention. They’re focusing on your brand and you have this chance to convert them…  

This is the key time to interact with them.

It is estimated that 27% of customers surveyed, identified price or promotions as the element most likely to sway their buying decision, so it’s during this stage that likely customers are going to be most concerned about pricing and the financial outlay, should they choose you as their solution. In addition, often, your prospective buyers may need to run this information past colleagues, partners, mothers-in-law and other people before they make a decision.

As mentioned, this can be a prolonged stage of the journey.

Nevertheless, your role during this uncertain stage is to show that you really care for your customer, that their needs are front-of-mind and that you and your services are their best option, all the while ensuring that they have all of the information that they need as you guide them towards  the paypoint…



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The Customer Journey