Customer Acquisition vs Customer Retention

Customer Acquisition

Remember that customer that you saw checking out your storefront, both on and off-line? Remember how you ‘threw’ everything at them to woo then into your fold, from enticing offers and specials and ‘First time buyers’ CTAs on your website? That customer you spent an arm and a leg on in marketing collateral to ensure […]

Customer Retention – Hang in There!

Customer Retention – Hang in There! 1

You want them coming back, you know you do, but HOW? Ah, that elusive returning customer. So, you got them to buy from you once, and they were happy (you know this because there were no complaints, right?) but you want them to buy again from you… Ensure that your customers feel they are part […]

Customer Retention and the Fickle Consumer

Customer Retention

With superfluous income a scarce commodity in today’s stretched consumer budget, shoppers have become highly skilled at undertaking comparison shopping. With easy access to comparing apples with apples on the internet, no longer is the slog of traipsing from store to store for comparative shopping necessary. Between Smartphones and the internet, consumers have access to […]

Plugging the Leak in Customer Retention

Plugging the Leak in Customer Retention 2

If you can’t keep your current customers, how are you going to get new ones? When customers are leaving as fast as you are acquiring them, it’s known as the leaky bucket analogy. The analogy uses the water in the bucket as the customer base, which increases or recedes dependent on water flow. The water flow […]

Magnetic appeal is key to customer retention

Customer Retention

You know how at school when you placed a magnet into a file of iron filings, they clung to the magnet? Well, that’s what customer retention is all about – they must want to stick with you, through thick and thin! The most notable property of a magnet is its force to draw metallic materials, […]

The juggling act – Customer retention

The juggling act - Customer retention 3

Customer management and retention is all about juggling between getting new customers while ensuring the ones you already have, remain, and hopefully become salespeople for your brand (Brand Advocates), who help grow your revenue organically, while reducing procurement costs in the process. That said, deciding whether you should focus more on customer acquisition or retention is heavily […]

Customer retention means listening with more than your ears…

Customer retention means listening with more than your ears… 4

Customers pay your salary, afford your lifestyle and ultimately, fulfil your dreams, so why are you talking and not ‘listening’ to them? Annually billions of dollars are lost owing to poor listening skills. Customers need to be heard, to feel heard — and to not be herded. And the proof is, you just try telling […]

Hey Fido, come protect me! – Customer loyalty

Hey Fido, come protect me! - Customer loyalty 5

“Buy a dog if you want loyalty”, so the saying goes… When it comes to customer loyalty there are two kinds of ‘hounds’: The loyal ones that seek you out, and the ones that roam the neighbourhood, foraging through everyone else’s trash. You want the ones that keep coming to your door, because they know […]

I want you to want me…

Retention in Retail Advertising

As a business, the question is: What’s better than securing one new customer? Well, contrary to popular belief, the answer isn’t getting two new customers, it’s actually more like retaining an existing one. Keeping customers is not a walk in the park. Think of it, you first had to spend money on campaigns to create awareness, […]

FAQs, tips and other idiot-proof help

FAQs, tips and other idiot-proof help 6

This is the Mentor and Teacher rolled into one. Actually, occasionally psychologist, going by some of the questions… FAQs and Tips are important to get your customers up-to-speed, to fill in any info gaps; kinda like a self-help, but with a (patient) teacher on standby. FAQs cover a variety of topics, where important information is […]

Eventful Eventing

Eventful Eventing 7

Eventing is key to establishing or building a brand; where you get to different prospects at the same location and time; an opportunity to host the bash of the century/millennium/entire existence of Mankind… or not. There are numerous wing-dings that history recounts, from King Solomon, who sacrificed 22,000 oxen and hundreds of fattened fowl for […]

Landing pages, BUY NOW! Bless you…

Landing pages, BUY NOW! Bless you… 8

The landing page is where you push your USP; where you help visitors visualise a better life, where you persuade them that Nirvana exists. This is the Preacher of the bunch, the place where customers are called to convert (CTA), but oh! so nicely. Landing pages are normally attractively designed to mesmerise you, and before […]

Mind your own WhatsApp Biz – Marketing

Mind your own WhatsApp Biz - Marketing 9

Relatively new to the business world, WhatsApp Business has morphed from a vacuous chat forum used by angst-driven teenagers (and highly inebriated adults) to vent at the world and spew out graphic details about their miserable lives, the neighbour, the neighbour’s dog, politics and every other topic —peppered with appropriate emojis, just for emphasis — […]