Impulse buying and how it works for retailers

Impulse buying and how it works for retailers

Okay, so you’ve read all about the Customer Journey and you know all the stages, right? Here they are nevertheless, for quick reference: Awareness Consideration Purchase Retention Advocacy Nowhere however, is that little gem ‘Impulse buying’ really highlighted or showcased. Until now, that is. What is impulse buying? Definition of impulse buying : the buying of merchandise […]

A Buying Group asked: “What about Capitalism in South Africa”?

Move On

BUYING GROUPS, RETAILERS, SUPPLIERS, MEDICAL, INSURANCE & PROCUREMENT DIVISIONSCompetitions Commission Act As a result of the previous 3 articles I have written on the subject of the latest competitions commission act, there has been substantial pushback and denial from suppliers, retail groups (across all retail genres), Insurance Companies, Medical Schemes and procurement divisions in corporate […]

Buying Groups<br>HELPING or SCALPING?

Buying Groups<br>HELPING or SCALPING? 1

Why is it that many retail groups call themselves “Buying Groups” when they do no buying at all? Ie: most of their members are independent and hold direct accounts with suppliers. Then there are others that have a central warehouse to sell on to their members – ie: acting as a Wholesaler/Distributor; again, not centralised “buying”.

The (welcomed) Reset —for suppliers, often the target of bullying

The (welcomed) Reset —for suppliers, often the target of bullying 2

Manufacturers, brands, distributors and wholesalers – you now have the chance to reset and consolidate, with the law at your back. My previous opinion piece on this subject was directed towards buying groups, procurement officers and members of those groups ( This time, it’s the suppliers who are the recipients of my humble opinion. Note: […]

Buying Groups – The End

Buying Groups - The End 3

Buying groups & procurement supply chains, your “buying power” has been neutered – time to EARN savings… Let’s face it, the old model of volumes = % rebates is broken…and even the concept of “buying power”. Repairs & replacement to old laws have been gazetted (Government Gazette No. 42231) as evidenced by the most current […]

The new (improved) POPIA law


POPIA: “A responsible party must secure the integrity and confidentiality of personal information in its possession or under its control by taking appropriate…