Brand Awareness and Blogging…

Brand Awareness and Blogging… 1

Blogs — not to be confused with bogs, although you can become immersed in one —are generally informal pieces written to illustrate thought leadership and proficiency on a topic. Kinda like this one. Well, in the main that is. There are also blogs that are just posted for fun and to draw engagement with the […]

Brand Awareness and Native Ads

Brand Awareness and Native Ads

Blending, it’s all about blending… Native ads are designed to imitate or match and blend into the main content of the platform on which it is hosted. It’s there, but kinda disguised and not blatant. While native advertising usually refers to online native ads, offline platforms such as magazines and newspapers also frequently host native […]

Influencers in Brand Awareness

Influencers in Brand Awareness 2

A brand needs to generate leads to survive, but before you can push a product, improve your conversion rate, or increase customer engagement, customers need to be aware of your brand! Innovation is key and this is where digital marketing techniques are evolving, and social media is taking front stage in our daily lives. The […]

Brand awareness is not necessarily what you think it is…

Brand Awareness

So, people know about your brand, but did you know that there are several aspects to successful brand awareness? It’s not just flashing pictures of your product on every flat surface, no matter how much fun that could be… First off, brand awareness is when people are acquainted with the product/service and associate your brand […]

Be aware, be very aware…customer awareness

Be aware, be very aware…customer awareness 3

So, you want them to see what you have to offer? You want them to be interested in your wares. Sometimes customers just need to be helped, they need to be told about your product/services and sometimes you may even need to draw pictures to get their attention. Understanding the different levels of customer awareness […]

Consistency is Brand Awareness 101

Consistency is Brand Awareness 101 4

Without even realising it, each day you interact with scores of brands across hundreds of different channels, each worming into your subconscious, including social media, radio ads, newsletters in your inbox, to pole ads along the road to work (well, when we used to commute…) and vendors in sandwich boards at traffic lights. You’re constantly […]

Familiarity breeds content – Brand Awareness

Familiarity breeds content - Brand Awareness 5

Familiarity, it’s all about familiarity. When something is familiar it evokes a feeling of safety and consistency, continuity and predictability. This isn’t an area where something will be sprung on you unexpectedly. It’s safe, you feel comfortable, you know what the parameters are. Well, that’s what brand recognition is all about. Customers are aware of […]

That’s shocking, but funny…awareness

That’s shocking, but funny…awareness 6

People are loathe to hunt for a product, it takes too much effort in an age where time is everything. Sometimes they need to be jolted into awareness of your brand. While there are various methods by which to elicit attention from your target audience, including punchy, clever headlines, graphics, videos and copy across a […]

The funny side of brand awareness

The funny side of brand awareness 7

Brand awareness is the keystone to any marketing plan; it is through drawing attention to your brand that the faceless populace out there sees you. There are a variety of avenues to explore including PR, eventing, TV, radio, print, social media and more. A great way to attract and keep customers engaged is through humour, […]

Why brand awareness is important

Awareness in Retail Advertising

What is your brand? Well that’s everything from your logo, name, offerings, online content and more. It is the bundle of business characteristics that consumers learn to trust, that places businesses ahead of their competitors. Investopedia defines it as the “extent to which consumers are familiar with the distinctive qualities or image of a particular […]

Don’t shoot the (Email) messenger

Don’t shoot the (Email) messenger 8

Email has had some really bad press, as it is oft-times seen as intrusive and just plain darn irritating. Who hasn’t groaned when yet another email pings, slicing through your concentration as you (albeit furtively) check to see who exactly is trying to get your attention? Yes, it’s intrusive, but think, email is an amazing […]

Online advertising, putting the target in the crosshairs

Online advertising, putting the target in the crosshairs 9

The greatest advantage of online advertising is that it focuses on a specific segment of a market. It’s like paying a sniper, but without the hassle of the outlay of the flack-jacket, the nifty cammo attire, zooty sunglasses and the seriously expensive gun license — never mind all the relevant training and dodgy bank accounts […]

Mind your own WhatsApp Biz – Marketing

Mind your own WhatsApp Biz - Marketing 10

Relatively new to the business world, WhatsApp Business has morphed from a vacuous chat forum used by angst-driven teenagers (and highly inebriated adults) to vent at the world and spew out graphic details about their miserable lives, the neighbour, the neighbour’s dog, politics and every other topic —peppered with appropriate emojis, just for emphasis — […]

Word of mouth, from their lips to the gods’ ears

Word of mouth, from their lips to the gods’ ears 11

Word of mouth is the only evaluation where emotion is considered and gossip encouraged… A space where you can relate your experiences and opinions before an eager and receptive audience, preferably using as many adjectives as you can string together; a place where you may be viewed as an aficionado and taken seriously, or dismally […]

Print, more than a catchy headline

Print, more than a catchy headline 12

The mental picture of Marilyn Monroe wearing a radio, is borderline absurd — but in reality, it’s a clever double entendre, a specific way of wording that is created to have a double meaning, with one mainly risqué. Not that you would have picked that up, right? I bet you have just re-read her quote… That’s […]

Radio, audio syrup for the soul

Radio, audio syrup for the soul 13

The art of being drawn into a bubble of imagination that transports you past the limits of your reality, down a funnel of amazement and incredulity, through twists and turns of intrigue, mystery and beauty, as your mind contracts and expands like cerebral lungs, accommodating your rapid breathing and rising adrenalin, wrapping itself around the […]

The tube, the telly or the more common TV

The tube, the telly or the more common TV 14

It’s true, I don’t fancy a somewhat disembodied Richard Attenborough standing in the corner of my breakfast nook, regaling me with the mating habits of the lesser-known blue-ringed fruit bat, while I bite down on my breakfast croissant and slurp on my cup of recently ground Java. I’d far rather see him contained in a […]

Ah, Public Relations

Ah, Public Relations 15

PR is a magic box in the Advertising and Marketing realm; it is here that pigs’ ears are transformed into silken purses — but not any silken purses, rather those with a Jacquard weave and a golden thread, with a handcrafted fastener. It is only through PR that you look good, (trust me on this), […]