Brand Awareness and Blogging…

Blogs — not to be confused with bogs, although you can become immersed in one —are generally informal pieces written to illustrate thought leadership and proficiency on a topic. Kinda like this one. Well, in the main that is. There are also blogs that are just posted for fun and to draw engagement with the website through entertaining the audience and creating brand awareness. Kinda like this one.

Either way, they are a fabulous method in which to generate fresh, engaging content on your website while driving search traffic to your site. Sneaky huh? And here you thought you were just reading this piece without being seen, hmm? Gotcha!

Ultimately, a blog is to direct as much traffic to your website as possible, creating brand awareness. Also, when you create a blog post an additional index page is generated, affording you greater opportunity to pop up in search engines and get people to check out your website. It’s like having extra entries in a lucky draw. Every time you create content, it alerts Google and other search engines that you are actively updating your website and that new content is available, boosting brand awareness. The search engines then check it out and display it as new and dynamic.

The thing too, about a blog, is that is sticks around, generating interest for time immemorial.

But blogging doesn’t end there. You need to help spread the word and share it on social media. This has a multi-fold pay-off: it boosts your social media reach, creates brand awareness, assists in your content getting discovered and it also piques the interests of new website visitors via your social media presence. Bonus of this is that if the content is interesting, kinda like the one you’re reading, it will be shared on social media. This boosts brand awareness on a massive scale.

Also, lest we forget the object of a website, when you attract new visitors to your site this creates a new opportunity to generate leads and hopefully, conversions. This is where your call to action (CTA) buttons are crucial. A successful CTA guides your visitors through your website while keeping them engaged on their Customer Journey, from awareness to purchase.

Good CTAs include urgent messaging such as ‘Find out more’, ‘download xxx’, as well as pointing out discounts, free offers, latest products, a chance to subscribe to your mailing list, newsletter and more. Using the CTA button on a blog post could also serve to guide the visitor to another relevant blog topic on your website. It could also move them to a related page that explains your services. But don’t expect instant leads and hundreds of views, as blogs need time to generate interest and to be shared.

Through blogging you can create brand awareness and illustrate your brand’s personality…

The great thing about blogging is that in a none-threatening environment, kinda like this one, you can share information about your brand, company, business, product and services as well as offering opinions and thoughts on certain topics.

The thing too, about a blog, is that is sticks around. Once it’s been indexed in search engines it stays there, pushing traffic and generating leads for time immemorial. So, it better be worth reading…  Yes, yes, like this one…

Your brand’s personality is normally pretty evident via the informal setting of a blog and it also is a chance to show that you are approachable and ‘human’.

So, let your blog be a window into your brand, creating awareness and encouraging engagement. Don’t veer away from showing a bit of ‘soul’ and even sharing your interests. Take time to comment on current news topics or market trends or inform your readers on a specific topic.

And while you are having so much fun, always bear in mind that when you write a blog, it’s to your audience…

Kinda like this one…



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