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Using online marketing strategies for any Customer Journey

Retail Advertising and online marketing

Think of your role in The Customer Journey as the GPS as they start the journey; the guidance system to ensure that they stay on track, get to where they want to be, with the least amount of inconvenience along the way. Your role is to continually remind them where they are going — without becoming the backseat driver.
In an interesting and engaging way, show them the ‘scenery’ along the way, show them what they could be party to, where they could go, even for a quick detour, but always bringing them back to the correct road and in the right direction. And all the time, ensuring they don’t hit potholes, that they go around obstacles and that they don’t take an early exit — heaven forbid!
When they arrive at their destination, congratulate them, and ensure that it is everything that they expected it to be. Ching!
It’s simple really, all we, the marketers need to do, is to engage people (yes treat users as real people) at each stage of their journey and be the dominant winner in converting awareness into interest – into a sale – and then LOOK AFTER THEM – Retain them as customers and convert them into advocates of your product or services.
Awareness in Retail Advertising


Why brand awareness is important

What is your brand? Well that’s everything from your logo, name, offerings, online content and more. It is the bundle of business characteristics that consumers learn to trust, that places businesses ahead of their competitors. 

Investopedia defines it as the “extent to which consumers are familiar with the distinctive qualities or image of a particular brand of goods or services.” Famous brands are legendary, just think of Coca Cola, Johnson & Johnson, Visa, Nike and


Consideration in Retail Advertising


Consideration, time for pain alleviation therapy…

Okay, so now the customer has moved past the awareness phase in the customer’s journey and has identified and evaluated their choices to establish where it is, they’ll be most satisfied doing business. 

They engage in non-linear research, across a cycle of discoveries, customer reviews, comparisons, considerations, and even abrupt changes of direction; all to inform themselves about what’s out there with competing brands, through multiple channels. Simply put, they have narrowed down their choices, but they are


Purchase in Retail Advertising


Turning Browsers into Buyers

So, what makes a potential customer become a paying customer? There are a number of aspects that push a potential customer into committing to the purchase, to pressing that ENTER key online or swiping their card in-store. 

This is such a tentative phase of the Customer Journey, that one daren’t breathe, in case you startle and scare off the shy buyer-to-be. But there are a few pointers that could change all of that and here


Retention in Retail Advertising


I want you to want me…

As a business, the question is: What’s better than securing one new customer? Well, contrary to popular belief, the answer isn’t getting two new customers, it’s actually more like retaining an existing one. Keeping customers is not a walk in the park. 

Think of it, you first had to spend money on campaigns to create awareness, then you had to woo them over and persuade them to believe in you; then you had to guide them


Advocacy in Retail Advertising


Commercial serotonin – Brand advocacy

All brands would ultimately love to have an army of fans, advocating their products and services, loyal to the death, so to speak. Why? Well, brand advocates are two to three times more effective at swaying newbies to buy a product. 

You see, it’s their passion and persuasiveness that influences purchasers, possibly because they spend twice as much on their favourite brands than non-advocates. ‘They walk the talk’, they are living, breathing, advertisements for your products and